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The main factor in successful fish keeping and health lies in the maintenance of good water quality. Ammonia, nitrite and pH levels in the aquarium should be checked regularly. The Aquarium Lab Multi-Test Kit comprises up to 200 tests combined of the 6 key parameters to test in your aquarium: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, GH and KH. All the tests are liquid drop tests from a dropper bottle so all the drops are the same size. Full instructions are included detailing optimum levels and suggestions for correction, along with an integrated test tube rack. All you have to do is add your aquarium water to the test tube and count the drops needed. The back of the box details clear pictorial instructions so you can see what to do from the start. A set of colour coded stickers is provided to label both the test tubes and test tube lids so you always conduct the same test in the same test tube avoiding contamination.

This test kit reports concentration in terms of nitrogen (NH3-N), (NO2-N) or (NO3-N) to be compatible with reported safe concentrations as they apply to fish and plants. If you are interested in knowing the ionic concentration of the measured parameter, multiply your result by 1.21 (NH3-N), 3.29 (NO2-N), or 4.43 (NO3-N). For more information on this calculation, click here.

Q: Why do I run out of 1 reagent before the other(s)?
A: We fill our test kit reagent bottles to a minimum amount before they are put through a vigorous QC regime. This means that the vast majority of bottles will in fact be overfilled by varying amounts meaning that the reagents may well run out at different rates but you should be able to carry out at least the number of tests stated on the packaging.
Q: My Ammonia 2 reagent has turned blue, is it still okay to use? A: Our Ammonia 2 reagent can take on a blue colour with time, but it does not affect the performance or results of the test. As long as the test kit is still within date, you can be confident in the reliability of the results it produces.
Q: When using a brackish tank, would my freshwater NT Labs tests work, or do I need to source some marine kits? A: Our advice would be to use our Marine Lab Test Kits on brackish water to obtain the most accurate results.
Q: My pH reagent has changed colour, is it still ok to use? A: Our pH reagent can change colour over time. It will start green, but can change to any colour on the colour chart. This is normal and you will still get accurate results.


To find out more about water quality and parameters in freshwater aquariums, click here.


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  • FishCove Aquatics from Dorset

    "At FishCove Aquatics we recommend you test your aquarium water weekly or just before a water change. Water quality is so important for your fish and plants. Not testing your water can result in fish deaths. NT Labs test kits are simple easy and fun to use. We use the test kits to check our systems and test customer water, we are always more then happy to give you demo on your next visit"