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Things to remember before you go on holiday!

If it’s a short break of only a few days, it is best to do nothing. Most fish will be fine without food for a short period of time, this is preferable to overfeeding.

For longer breaks, here are a few tips to make sure your fish remain happy:

  • Feeding – don’t be tempted to provide more food just before going away. The fish are unlikely to eat all the food which may result in poor water quality. Feed as normal in the run up to your holiday.
  • Maintenance – Do a water change a few days before leaving rather than just before. This will give you the opportunity to make sure that any maintenance you do doesn’t have a negative impact on your pond or aquarium and give you the chance to remedy any problem that may occur.
  • Stocking – As tempting as it is, avoid adding new stock to your pond or aquarium within the two weeks prior to your holiday. The addition of new stock can create water quality blips and under a worst case scenario, might introduce a disease.
  • Enlist the help of friends or family – make sure they know what to do while you’re gone. Either provide a suitably-sized measure to ensure they don’t overfeed your fish or pre-parcel small food packages for ease of use.
  • Automated feeders – If using electronic feeders, trial them for a week before you go on holiday to make sure they are dispensing the correct amount of food at the right frequency.

But most of all, enjoy your holiday!

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