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Pond - Water Feature Cleaning Tablets

Pond - Gleam Tablets


When to use?
Use when water features become dirty, stained or green with algae. Gleam Tablets will help restore the sparkle of your water feature.

How to use?

  • Remove any plants and fish before cleaning your water feature.
  • Dissolve one tablet per 20 litres of water in the water feature. Leave to soak for 24 hours before rinsing thoroughly with fresh water.
  • If the water feature does not contain plants or fish you can add a gleam tablet periodically to keep the water feature clean.
  • Always test an out-of-sight area before treating the whole ornament. Take care to avoid splashing clothes or furnishings; if this occurs, wash immediately with plenty of cold water.

Do not use while fish are in or around the water feature.

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