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This article outlines a few thigns you should consider when buying koi from a specialist dealer. These may seem obvious to some, however a little advice will ensure you make a more informed decision and enjoy koi that will live a long and healthy life.

Is the shop environment in good order, clean and tidy?

Does the fish look healthy and in good condition?

Do the rest of the fish in the water look healthy?

Does the fish have a good body shape and definition?

Do the fish react well to being fed?

Is the fish I'm looking at going to be able to defend itself amongst my existing fish?

Am I prepared to offer sufficient time in order to care for additional fish in my pond?

Do I have the appropriate additional treatments or products need to introduce new fish?

When adding to existing ponds, avoid introducing small koi with larger koi. There can be a tendency for larger koi to out-muscle smaller koi during feeding. They simply do not have the same strength to defend themselves, so avoid this if possible. Slight size differences will not be a problem.

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