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We have added some new foods to our hugely popular Pro-f range!

Following the instant success of our Pro-f foods which we launched late last year, we have been busy developing more new products to add to the range! Our aim is for the Pro-f range to cater for all fish keepers, from large predatory fish right through to newly hatched fry.

Two predator foods have been added to the range: Predator Floating pellet has been designed to meet the dietry requirements of surface feeding carnivorous tropical fish such as oscars, severums, arowanas.  Whereas Predator Sinking pellet provides a high energy feed for maximum nutritional impact for bottom dwelling predators such as redtail catfsh, tiger shovelnose, Polypterus and snakeheads.  

We have also developed a specialist food for stingray. Stingray Pellets have been formulated to meet the specific requirements of this unique species. Stingray Pellets are a high energy feed for these predatory fish with a balanced vitamin and mineral profile. 

We haven’t just focused on launching foods for large and predatory fish. We are introducing Micro Crumb, a 200 μm (0.2 mm) particle feed which is suitable for the smallest of fish with tiny mouths such as microrasboras, Endler guppies & tetra species and is ideal for the fry of both egg-layers and live-bearers. Micro Crumb has been developed to provide the exact, rich, high-energy nutrition required by rapidly growing juvenile fish.

In addition to these new foods, we are now introducing new marine foods to the popular range. New Ocean Grazer is for all herbivorous grazing marine species and is rich in marine algae and marine proteins for enhanced colour development and healthy growth. Ocean Grazer maintains its form allowing grazing species to return frequently to feed.

The final new product that we have added to the range is Reef Snow; a micro particle feed which has been developed to provide a water-borne nutrient source to filter feeding coral, clams and tube worms. Produced using a variety of different natural ingredients including marine-sourced proteins and essential amino acids to ensure optimum growth. 

As well as all these new products, we have also moved some of our pre-existing foods so that they now sit within the Pro-f range.  Algae Wafers, Ocean Food 55, Ocean Flake with Garlic and Algae Flake with Garlic now enjoy a fresh new look and are now members of the Pro-f family.

Click here to view the full Pro-f range.


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