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Adolfo's Cory

Corydoras adolfoi

With well over 150 described species of Corydoras or corys to choose from, how does one choose? What about a cory with colour! Adolfo’s Cory, usually referred to by its scientific name of Corydoras adolfoi, is one of the more colourful representatives of the catfish family, with white flanks, a black stripe down the length of its back and vertical stripes around the eyes, and a flash of orange in front of the dorsal fin. They share the same fun characteristics as other catfish in this group: often on the move, searching the tank’s substrate for morsels of food, and when at rest, you may catch them ‘winking’ at you! Similarly, they are reasonably adaptable to all but extremes of water chemistry. Being ‘ground feeders’, a fine substrate is ideal to prevent damage to their mouths and barbels. While they can be hard to find in fish shops, you may more commonly stumble across their dopplegangers, Corydoras duplicareus; the only significant difference is that the latter has a larger black stripe running down the back. Most species of cory are quite social, so a group of at least six is recommended. Don’t forget to feed them with a suitable sinking pellet to ensure they don’t miss out at mealtimes.

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