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Croaking Gourami

From barking dogs, meowing cats to screeching parrots, fish are an ideal pet if you’re sensitive to noise…  Unless of course, you own some of these more vocal fish.  One particular chatterbox is the aptly named croaking gourami (Trichopsis vittata).  These diminutive fish, while subtly coloured, can actually make an audible sound.  This species achieves this croak by use of it tendons that control its pectoral fins.  But talking species don’t end there.  The talking catfish, both spotted and striped (Agamyxis pectinifrons and Platydoras armatulus respectively), generate an audible sound by rubbing pectoral spines.  Some cichlids can produce sound by grinding their tooth-like structures in their throat, while others, including the ferocious piranha, can generate sound using their swimbladder as a resonator.  All of these fish make noises for numerous reasons, be it for communicating to other members within a group, or to try to deter potential predators.  Whilst mostly inaudible when kept as pets, there’s a secret world of aquatic vocalisations possibly happening in your own fish tank…

Image credit: tropicalfishsite.com

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