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Splashing Tetra

To completely remove the threat of aquatic predators feasting on a fish’s eggs, one species keeps their eggs completely separate from the aquatic environment! The splashing tetras (Copella arnoldi) go to such extreme lengths to protect their eggs, the spawning and care of eggs happens outside the water. After examining a suitable overhanging leaf, a pair of fish will leap out of the water and use their fins to temporarily adhere themselves to the leaf, to deposit and fertilise their eggs. But after the act is complete, the eggs are still not out of danger. These eggs must be kept hydrated to ensure proper development, and the adult fish achieve this by periodically using their tail fins to accurately and efficiently splash the eggs with water. Out of harm’s way, well oxygenated and hydrated, this fish has devised a unique strategy for raising its offspring successfully.

Image credit: Wikipedia

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