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Congo Tetra

Phenacogrammus interruptus

While South America offers the most in terms of species of tetra, that’s not to say that there aren’t species on the African continent to consider. The most majestic of all is the Congo tetra. There are a few other notable species that hail from African river systems, but the male Congo tetra is one of the most recognisable for its rainbow-coloured, iridescent flanks and long flowing fins. Females are usually smaller and lack these characteristics, making them less desirable, but these fish should ideally be kept as a mixed sex group. Adult males can reach 7.5 cm (3 inches) so are suited to larger aquaria with tank mates of a similar size. They readily accept most foods, including flakes, pellets and frozen or live food. If you’re looking to recreate an African biotope aquarium, these fish are a must, and hence, make it as this week’s Fish of the Week.

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