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Ptereleotris evides

If you’re looking for a marine fish that isn’t the stereotypical, bright, in-your-face colours of many of these species, our Fish of the Week this week may be the one for you. The blackfin dartfish (Ptereleotris evides) has subtle colourations of silvery/bluey grey to black towards the anal fin which then splits in colour to form a scissor shape, giving rise to another of its common names, the scissortail goby. This peaceful fish can grow to around 14cm (5.5 inches) and spends its days burrowing into sand searching for food, particularly brine and Mysis shrimp. If keeping these fish in an aquarium, why not finely chop up some seafood and add it to the tank for them to find! Although not openly aggressive, members of this active species can become territorial towards other blackfin dartfish so it’s best to keep these in a pair or in a large enough aquarium such that territories are not limited. These hardy fish are perfect for beginners and have earnt themselves Fish of the Week this week, just ensure your tank has a tight-fitting lid so you can actually enjoy their company as they are notorious for jumping!

Image credit: the aquarium wiki

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