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Emperor angel

Perhaps one of the more famous marine species, the emperor angelfish is our Fish of the Week this week, and, as many of you may be saying, it’s about time! This striking fish is famed throughout hobbyists for its stunning juvenile to adult colour transition, where the fish change their appearance from an almost-spiralised electric blue and white ring pattern to the yellow and blue horizontal stripes associated with adults of the species. This transition occurs slowly over 24-36 months, during which time the fish reach their adult size of up to 40cm (15.7 inches). In the wild, these fish are found across the Indian Ocean, particularly around Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and act as cleaner fish for larger species, nibbling off parasites and dead skin. Otherwise, their diet tends to consist of sponges and algae, and make these fish a no-no for a loved reef aquarium. Males are very territorial, so you should keep them in a large aquarium as a single pair with tolerant, uncompetitive co-inhabitants, but these emperors are sure to be the star attraction in any marine setup.

Image credit: Wikipedia

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