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Fire Angelfish

Centropyge loricula

If you’re looking to put a bit of fire in your marine tank, then this week’s Fish of the Week could be just what you’re looking for, with its bold colours and manageable size (only growing to a maximum of 5 inches). The flame angelfish (also known as the flame angel, Centropyge loricula) is native to Oceania, and is particularly common in the waters surrounding the Cook, Marshall and Line Islands in the Pacific Ocean. This colourful species is one of the most widely kept dwarf angels in the trade, and when you manage to catch a glimpse of one, it is clear to see why. The vivid colours of this fiery species are bright and bold, and vary depending on which area the fish comes from. Colours range from the deep, blood red Hawaiian variant, to the orangey-yellow of the Marquesan form, and the vertical bars on the body will vary in thickness across their range. Captive breeding programmes have been successful with this species, so look out for these for an even greater variety of patterns and colours. Algae can quite quickly become a problem in marine aquariums, but luckily these fish will munch on it to help keep it in check. Unfortunately, they are also prone to a nibble of the odd coral, so check if your tank fauna are likely morsels before adding these beautiful, albeit omnivorous, bright sparks.

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