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flaming red

Red wine scooter dragonet

As a relatively newly described species, you may not know much about our Fish of the Week this week. The flaming red scooter, also known as the red wine scooter dragonet, grows to around 7cm (2.8 inches) and was found in the western pacific in the late 20th century. Although not suitable for beginners, this marine fish is a very social and active bottom-dwelling fish that is definitely worth aspiring to and is widely captive-bred and thus readily available. Members of this peaceful species are bright scarlet with flecks of white, and have yellow and black striped pectoral and dorsal fins. Males and females are easy to distinguish, despite their similar colouration, as males have a large, sail-like dorsal fin whilst the female’s is smaller. If you do want to keep some, make sure you keep them with other small, peaceful tank mates as these little fish are often bullied by boisterous fish. You should also bear in mind that these fish are very difficult to wean onto prepared foods (such as pellets and flakes), they much prefer a live Copepod or two and is the main reason you should wait until you’re more experienced before purchasing one. These rather adorable fish though, are well worth the wait and will be very happy in the right aquarium. Image Credit: reefkeeping.co.za.

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