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Peacock Goby

Tateurndina ocellicauda

Unlike true gobies, our Fish of the Week this week is an active, smooth swimmer and is perfect if you want a change from the usual almost sedentary lifestyles of most fish in this order. The peacock goby (Tateurndina ocellicauda) is a member of the family of sleeper gobies and can be found widely in eastern Papua New Guinea. Also known as the peacock gudgeon, these small fish can reach an adult size of around 7cm (3 inches), and will most happily munch their way through live and/or frozen foods (but may accept dried foods if you can convince them). Males are the stand-out sex in this species, showing vivid reds and purples and flowing, elongated fins. Females are slightly duller in their colours but are still interesting to view, and both sexes have a dark spot at the base of their anal fin (much like the male peacock’s eye spots at the tips of his feathers). These colourful creatures are cave breeders, so if you’re looking for an easy breeding project, these fish could be for you. A female will enter the cave of her chosen male, lay her eggs on the ceiling (usually) and then leave all brood care to the male, which he will dutifully do until the eggs hatch. Particularly during this time, males will become very territorial but are otherwise peaceful fish who only pick fights with conspecifics when the need arises (such as finding the perfect cave). Keep this deserving Fish of the Week in pairs or groups with other small, peaceful species in an aquarium with lots of hiding places, and you’ll soon see their bold colours and bright personality bloom.

Image credit: Wikipedia.

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