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Poecilia reticulata

By popular demand, this week we’re celebrating one of the hobby’s firm favourites: the humble guppy. This Fish of the Week originally hails from the northern parts of South America, although their wild cousins bear little resemblance to the colourful creatures that we’re more familiar with. The flamboyant male guppies are typically small fish at about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long, while the less colourful females can be almost double the male’s size. Guppies are notoriously easy to breed, and fertilise the eggs internally to give birth to live young. But be careful; if not kept in check, populations can snowball as over 30 live young can be produced from one female per month! Keep members of this peaceful species with other small, friendly fish, as their beautiful tails can be too tempting for some fin-nippers!

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