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Fish bag

When adding new fish to your pond, be sure to follow this simple process.

Before you add fish to a pond, it is a good idea to add the appropriate dosage of Pond - Tap Water Chlorine Remover (Aquasure) to the water in the fish bag. This product contains special colloids which help to reduce stress, which will help to ease your fish into their new home!

There are two key things to be aware of before adding your new fish to your existing pond: water temperature and water chemistry.

It is important to ensure the temperature of the pond water and the water in the bag is the same. This can be achieved by floating the sealed bag on the water’s surface for 20 minutes. During transit, the water inside the fish bag will warm up, so adding fish straight to the 'cold' pond will cause sudden shock and can cause serious problems. Ensuring you go through this floating, cooling period beforehand can prevent these occurring.

You then need to mix the water from the bag with pond water to get the new fish used to the water chemistry in your existing pond. To do this, open the bag and roll down the sides to create a floating ring and slowly add water into the bag, leaving it floating in the pond. This allows gradual adjustment to differing water parameters, especially pH, to prevent shock. After a further 20-30 minutes, the fish can be released into the pond and the bag removed.

This process is important for the fish to settle in stress-free. The fish will generally swim to the bottom and hide for a few days until they have settled. You can offer food to them after a couple of days but if they are still hiding make sure to remove it before it pollutes the water. Remove uneaten food after 20 minutes of no activity. Fish can go for an extended period of time without food so if they are not coming up to feed, don’t worry, they will eventually!

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