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Plastic Plant Cleaner is suitable for cleaning aquarium ornaments, plastic plants and other aquarium equipment

We originally launched the popular aquarium range in 2010. Over recent months we have been working hard to refresh the range by adding new products, improving pre-existing formulations and giving the range a fresh new look.

The first new product that we would like to introduce to you is our Plastic Plant Cleaner.  

Plastic plants and ornaments can become coated in algae and organic deposits which spoil their appearance. Plastic Plant Cleaner helps keep your plastic plants and ornaments looking spotless!  Simply remove your dirty plastic plant/ornament from the aquarium, place it in a bucket of water, add a cleaning tablet and leave it to fizz and dissolve overnight (or minimum of 8 hours). In the morning pour away the cleaning solution and rinse the plant/ornament before adding the neutraliser solution, your plastic plant/ornament is then ready to be placed back in your aquarium! 

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