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Medikoi - Probiotic

Medikoi Probiotic is a multi-season food which has been formulated to significantly improve digestion and nutrient uptake. The ingredients contained in Medikoi Probiotic are of the highest quality, and have been selected to support healthy growth, significantly enhance colour definition and optimise body shape whilst minimising waste.

The high-quality ingredients in Medikoi Probiotic create a highly palatable and digestible food for your koi. It provides not only beneficial gut bacteria to help your fish break down foods more effectively, but also contains a prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide), a food for these vital bacteria to sustain them whilst they help maintain the wellbeing of your fish. This combination of probiotic bacteria and a prebiotic ensures a healthy, active population of gut bacteria and digestive enzymes to efficiently break down food to release all the vital nutrients it contains, allowing your fish to achieve its optimal body mass gain whilst reducing waste to keep your pond clean and clear.

 The nutritional balance of Medikoi Probiotic enables this complete feed to be fed over a large temperature range (from 5°C - 26°C), making this the best choice for your koi all year round. The pellets of Medikoi Probiotic have been vacuum-coated to prevent the proteins and oils in the food from leaching into the water and causing an unsightly surface slick to form. The abundance of vitamins and additives in Medikoi Probiotic will help keep your fish healthy whatever the weather, and the inclusion of probiotic bacteria ensures maximum uptake of nutrients by your fish, even in lower temperatures.

 To complete Medikoi Probiotic, the inclusion of spirulina and astaxanthin provides a concentrated boost to the natural pigmentation of your champion koi. Spirulina is rich in carotenoids and minerals, proven to significantly improve the reds of your koi (Hi), and astaxanthin is easily assimilated ensuring other colours become brighter and perfectly defined against the purest white of your koi.

 To maintain our high standards, Medikoi Probiotic is packed in a non-humid environment to prevent any moisture entering the product, increasing the life of the product and removing the need for silica gels to maintain this anhydrous environment. The high quality ingredients which reduce waste make Medikoi Probiotic the perfect diet for your coruscating koi.

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