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Probiotic Marine joins Pro-f!

We have been busy formulating a new food specifically for marine fish.  Following on from the huge success of the award-winning Pro-f range of freshwater and marine aquarium feeds, we wanted to use our expertise to further improve the nutrition of marine aquarium fish.  Seeing the benefits that probiotic cultures have delivered in freshwater tropical fish in the hugely popular Pro-f Probiotic Tropical, and in Koi carp through Medikoi Probiotic, it made perfect sense to incorporate probiotics into a marine feed. We have invested a significant amount of time and resources into developing this new product, with the optimised blend of ingredients meaning that we are able to offer a truly unique food, which we believe will greatly enhance the appearance of your marine fish whilst supporting their health and immunity.


Probiotic Marine is a highly nutritious, complete feed for all species of marine fish. This small, granular feed is packed with easily digestible krill and squid meal, whilst the addition of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria help to break down the food more fully, allowing your fish to absorb more of the nutrients. This also results in a reduction in waste in your aquarium, and this helps to keep phosphate levels low which helps to encourage strong, and healthy coral development.


Rich in spirulina and Stimune, Probiotic Marine will bring out the naturally bright colours of your fish and will support their immune system to keep them healthy and primed to fight off disease. This highly palatable, probiotic food is ideal for most species of marine fish, including those fussier species such as wrasse, blennys and dwarf angels. Probiotic Marine is a blended feed, incorporating both floating and sinking granules. These will break the surface of the water at different rates, allowing fish to feed at their preferred position in the water column.


Pro-f Probiotic Marine will be available in two sizes.  From the beginning of September, you will be able to pick up 45g and 120g pots from our network of NT Labs authorised retailers. Prices start from £5.99, be sure to pick up your pot soon!


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