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With over 6000 unique visitors a month we decided it was time for a website rebuild.

We believe it’s essential to go the extra mile for our customers which is why we have invested heavily in a brand new website. Over recent months, the whole team have been working hard to get this new website up and running.

We have taken the key features from the previous website and made them even easier to use. The diagnosis guide, dosage calculator and stockist finder are now more intuitive and detailed than ever before. The Learning Zone which has been rebranded as the Knowledge Hub is where we will regularly post articles to help make you a better fishkeeper! Keep an eye on this section for advice, weather warnings and case studies written by our in house experts. It is clear from this feature that we are a company who not only supply high quality products, but also one who wants to help enhance the knowledge of hobbyists.

It became clear when monitoring analytics that we needed to make the new website compatible with mobile devices. In addition to what the stats suggested, we wanted the new website to eliminate the need for a supporting phone application. When the new site is viewed on a mobile device, it now looks and works just like a phone application, as the new design dynamically responds to the size of the devices screen that the site is being viewed on. This added convenience is ideal if you are outside with your smartphone or tablet looking at your pond fish trying to identify what is wrong with them using the diagnosis guide, or if you are trying to find a stockist whilst on the go!

Recently our in house experts have been creating helpful ‘how to’ and promotional videos for our products. The new website incorporates these videos meaning that you can diagnose the problem, find a suitable product, watch how the product works, find your local authorised retailer and then calculate the required dosage.

In addition to these beneficial tools, authorised retailers also benefit from the revamped trade area. The Retailer Support section allows authorised retailers to log into a secure area where they can contact their sales representative, see a list of wholesalers, request point of sale, download high resolution images, download price lists and safety data sheets.

Take a look around the new site!

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