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Koi Carp award

NT Labs are pleased to announce that Medikoi has been named best range of Koi food at the annual Koi Awards run by Koi Carp Magazine.

The awards were announced in the latest issue of Koi Carp Magazine, and some consumer comments from the magazine about Medikoi are as follows:

"Changed the way I keep Koi. I have more time to enjoy the hobby and have better results. Win, win for me." - Alain Grainger

"Very little waste, multi season food, good colour enhancer and good growth rates" - John Murphy

NT Labs Medikoi fish food is suitable for general pond fish and champion Koi alike. This high quality and nutritious food is manufactured in the EU under regulations and controls which greatly reduces our carbon footprint compared to some rival imported foods, and assures top quality ingredients, performance and freshness.

NT Labs are thrilled that their valued customers see Medikoi as being worthy of this award, so would like to say thank you! This prize has helped motivate the team at NT Labs to continue to provide and develop new and exciting products that continue to impress their customers.

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