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Prepare your pond for the colder months!

With a chill in the air and the leaves turning brown, autumn is without doubt here. Here’s a few autumn tips to help you get your pond ready for the winter:

  1. Keep your fish well nourished with Medikoi foods. They will still be laying down fat reserves for the winter, but the amount you feed them needs to be carefully balanced with the biological efficiency of the filtration which will slow as the temperature starts to fall.
  2. The changing temperature can make fish more susceptible to disease. The cooler temperatures can make parasites less active and therefore harder to treat (certainly as the temperature drops below 10°C.)
  3. While a few leaves in the pond won’t be harmful, the more you can remove and prevent from decaying at the bottom of the pond over winter, the better! Decaying matter at the bottom of the pond can act as a refuge for diseases and lead to a source of carbon dioxide which should be avoided in winter if the pond ices over. Help to reduce debris and sludge with Sludgeclear.
  4. Take care when cleaning the filter in readiness for winter. Vegetation that dies back during autumn may find its way to your filter, but as with any season of the year, try to clean the filter media carefully to retain the biological activity.
  5. A background level of Pond Salt Plus can also be beneficial this time of year. A concentration of 0.3% (3 g/l or approximately 1/2 oz/gal) can reduce osmostic stress and reduce nitrite toxicity.

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