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Red Firefish

Nemateleotris magnifica

This week’s Fish of the Week can be found in coastal waters around Africa, Indonesia, the Maldives and in large bodies of water in the Indo-Pacific and the Coral Sea. The red firefish or fire goby (Nemateleotris magnifica) is a small fish (only reaching around 9cm (3.5 inches) in length) and are one of the few species of fish which are monogamous. In the wild, the pair will deposit their eggs in burrows and then guard them until they hatch. These reef-safe fish are omnivorous, and have quite a distinctive colouration, graduating from yellow at the head, to white on the body, to bright red towards the tail. Firefish can typically be found in pairs or groups, and in a large aquarium can thrive in similar circumstances. However, they are prone to jumping out of the water, particularly if they’re stressed, so make sure you have a tight-fitting lid!

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