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Chaetostomus spp

This week, Fish of the Week goes to a rather unusual member of the Plecostomus family. When compared to other plecs, the rubbernose plec (Chaetostomus spp.) is pretty cute, with a wide, flat, spotty head and big eyes on top. Another common name for the rubbernose plec is the Bulldog plec, most probably because of this facial layout and appearance. Despite their most common colour being grey, the rubbernose plec has a naïve, charming, almost dopey appearance, quite different from other members of this family, and can come in a variety of patterns. Rubbernose plecs are very peaceful species, and will happily browse around the bottom of tanks looking for food and munching on algae. Their modest size (approximately 12 cm when adults) make them a worthwhile and exciting addition to any tank, and their overall charm earns them Fish of the Week.

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