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Neocirrhites Armatus

The scarlet hawkfish (Neocirrhites armatus), also known as the flame hawkfish and the brilliant hawkfish, originates from the waters around Fiji, the Cook Islands and Australia. They are found on reefs in these waters where they feed on small invertebrates. Scarlet hawkfish are bottom dwelling fish, and are quite territorial so are best kept singularly in a large aquarium. However, these charismatic fish earn their place as our Fish of the Week due to their entertaining appearance. As their name suggests, these fish are bright red/scarlet in colour, with black markings along their dorsal fin and around their eyes, which looks like they’ve been a bit over-zealous with their eyeshadow! They grow to around 10cm (4 inches) so you’ll be sure to spot them. If you’re looking for a charming fish for your shrimp-free reef tank (or your soon-to-be shrimp-free reef tank) then maybe the scarlet hawkfish is for you; it’ll certainly put a smile on your face.

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