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Essential products for starting your new koi pond

A dechlorinator which rapidly neutralises chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals such as zinc and lead from tap water, allowing fresh tap water to be added directly to the pond. Using Koi Care Chlorgo is the ideal water care solution and avoids putting fish in any unnecessary danger from these potentially toxic substances.

FIlter Bugs
A special pad soaked in millions of biological filter bacteria. Add Filter Bugs to new ponds to start biological filtration, and regularly to existing ponds and filters to boost the numbers of nitrifying bacteria, keeping the pond clean and safe for your fish. Filter Bugs are particularly useful when ammonia is present; use as an emergency boost for your filter. 

Zeolite cchunks removes ammonia and nitrite from pond ater. Koi Care Zeolite packs come with a filter media bag, allowing the product to be easily placed in the filter compartment or an area of high water flow. Zeolite can be easily removed for recharging to continue to remove ammonia from ponds. 5 kg treats 1500 gallons (6820 litres).

Pond Lab
The Pond Lab Multi-Test Kit provides over 200 tests of 6 water parameters (pH, GH, KH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate), with an integrated test tube rack for ease of use, full instructions, optimum levels and suggestions for correction.

Medikoi Probiotic has been specially formulated over years of research and development to bring you a complete, professional diet for champion koi. The ingredients contained in Medikoi Probiotic are of the highest quality, and have been selected to support healthy growth, significantly enhance colour definition, optimise body shape and reduce waste, making this the perfect multi-season feed.

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