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Splashing Tetra


Although this week’s Fish of the Week may not be the most attractive fish available in the hobby, the splashing tetra certainly takes the award for one of the most unusual behaviours witnessed by aquarists. These fish are small, reach around 4cm (1.5 inches), and are peaceful and adaptable with regards to water hardness, pH and food. What makes them stand out, however, is their spawning behaviour. When a pair are ready to spawn, the two will leap out of the water and attach themselves to the underside of the low-hanging leaves and produce eggs which are stuck to the leaf. As only around eight eggs are produced at a time, this leaping process is repeated until almost 200 eggs are laid – that’s a lot of leaping! After this, males will guard the eggs, and, as their name suggests, will periodically jump out the water to splash the eggs with water to keep them hydrated. This behaviour is possible to recreate in captivity (you’ll obviously have to have a bit of a think about the setup), but if you’re up for a challenge, why not give this energetic Fish of the Week a go!

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