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Keep an eye on your water temperature during hot weather

During prolonged periods of hot weather, your aquarium may overheat. It is important to monitor the temperature of your aquarium with a thermometer. We would suggest the following temperature ranges (depending on the species you’re keeping):

  • Coldwater aquariums: 18°C to 22°C
  • Freshwater aquariums: 24°C to 26°C
  • Marine aquariums should be between 24°C and 28°C (depending on your setup.)

If temperatures are above these levels, here are a few helpful and easy tips to bring the temperature back down:

  • Cut back on feeding.
  • If your aquarium is close to a window or in direct sunlight, keep the curtains/blinds closed.
  • Switch off your aquarium lights, as some types can generate a lot of heat.
  • Increase aeration, because the warmer the water, the lower the oxygen levels.
  • Open the lid of your aquarium (if you have fish that have a tendency to jump, please ignore this tip!)
  • If the above tips fail to decrease the temperature of your aquarium, we suggest putting a small plastic bottle of water in the fridge to cool, and then floating this in your aquarium. When doing this, keep an eye on the rate the water temperature falls. It is essential that the temperature changes gradually, as sudden temperature changes will cause unnecessary stress to your fish.
  • Do not pour cold water directly into your aquarium because this may cause stress to your fish!

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