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Essential products you will need to kick start your new aquarium

Setting up a new freshwater aquarium for the first time can be a daunting experiance. Speaking to the people that run your local fish shop for advice on equipment and setup is always the best route to take.

When it comes to water quality and ensuring the water is safe for the plants and fish you intend to put into the aquarium, we recommend the following products to get you started:

Tap Water Safe
Tap Water Safe removes chlorine and other halogens, chloramine, and heavy metals found in tap water which are toxic to fish. It also contains special colloids which help to reduce the shock of newly introduced fish during transportation. Suitable for coldwater and tropical aquariums.

Filter Starter
Filter Starter contain a live culture of "friendly" bacteria for your filter. These bacteria will help breakdown fish waste and prevent the build up of toxic ammonia and nitrite. Add Filter Starter to a new aquarium to help "kick start" the filter, when adding new fish, after a filter clean/water change or after using a disease treatment. Suitable for coldwater and tropical aquariums.

Plant Boost
Plant Boost is an iron-rich plant food which provides all the trace elements which are taken out of the water by growing plants. In addition, Plant Boost also contains plant growth hormones to stimulate and encourage even sickly plants into healthy growth. Suitable for coldwater and tropical aquariums.

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