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Aquarium range on shelf

We have given our Aquarium range a fresh new look and introduced several new products!

We originally launched the popular Aquarium range back in 2010.  Over recent months, we have been working hard to update the range, adding new products, improving pre-existing formulations, and giving it a new, vibrant and up-to-date look.

Based on customer feedback, we have renamed some products in the Aquarium range: General Tonic is now called Disease Solve, and Anti-Velvet & Slime is now called Anti-Parasite. In addition to these name changes, we have reformulated Sludge Gone and given it a new name: now Aquarium Cleaner, this product is designed to digest organic material caused by the build-up of dead plant matter, fish waste and uneaten food, reducing the risk of diseases, algae growth and the need for frequent gravel cleaning. As an additional result of its reformulation, Aquarium Cleaner is now a liquid, making it easier to measure and add to an aquarium. 

We have also reformulated the ever-popular Plant Boost, this is the last of the pre-existing products in the Aquarium range to have been updated for 2017. This iron-rich plant food replaces and provides all the trace elements needed to achieve vibrant and vigorous plant growth. The new formulation has a higher concentration than before, and is easy to use with a pump dispenser, meaning the 100ml bottle will last longer and be more cost effective. Plant Boost has been formulated to work in conjunction with Liquid CO2 Boost, a new product we have added to the Aquarium range. This gives aquatic plants a source of dissolved carbon eliminating the need for expensive equipment such as CO2 gas injection systems. With Liquid CO2 Boost, plants will grow more vigorously, removing algae-causing macronutrients such as nitrate and phosphate. When used in conjunction with Plant Boost, you will see the best results and enjoy luscious, healthy growth!

The Aquarium Starter Kit is also new to the range, and gives customers who are starting an aquarium the essential products they need before they add fish: Tap Water Safe and Filter Starter.

The final new product we have launched for 2017 is Plastic Plant Cleaner, which removes the unsightly layer of algae and organic deposits that spoil the appearance of plastic plants and ornaments. Each pack contains five Cleaning Tablets and a bottle of Neutraliser Solution, so your ornaments go back into the aquarium looking like new.

This updated Aquarium range adds to the comprehensive catalogue of treatments and medicines available that preserve, protect and perfect your freshwater aquariums. All products will be available on a shelf near you soon!

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