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A source of dissolved carbon

We originally launched the popular aquarium range in 2010. Over recent months we have been working hard to refresh the range by adding new products, improving pre-existing formulations and giving the range a fresh new look.

Today we would like to introduce our latest new product, Liquid CO2 Boost gives aquatic plants a source of dissolved carbon without the need for expensive equipment such as CO2 gas injection. With Liquid CO2 Boost, plants will grow more vigorously, removing algae-causing macronutrients such as nitrate and phosphate.

For extra luscious and vibrant plant growth, Liquid CO2 Boost should be used in conjunction with Plant Boost. Plant Boost is a rich all-in-one plant food which provides all the trace elements used by growing plants especially iron, magnesium and potassium.

Liquid CO2 Boost is available in a 100 ml pack for £5.99 rrp.

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