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Essential products you will need to kick start your new marine aquarium

Setting up a new marine aquarium for the first time can be a daunting experiance. Speaking to the people that run your local fish shop for advice on equipment and setup is always the best route to take.

When it comes to water quality and ensuring the water is safe for the corals, fish and inverts you intend to put into the aquarium, we recommend the following products to get you started:

Live Filter Bacteria

Marine Live Filter Bacteria is a concentrated blend of nitrifying bacteria, formulated to start a biological filter in marine aquariums instantly. Use to prevent the common cause of “new tank syndrome” fish deaths. Contains a blend of bacteria specifically adapted to the marine environment allowing them to begin the process of nitrification as soon as they are added to the aquarium.

Buffer Powder

NT Labs Marine KH Buffer Powder for marine aquariums, raises the pH to 8.3 and is a more stable buffer than other brands on the market. NT Labs Marine Buffer Powder increases the carbonate hardness helping to stabilise the pH and preventing a pH crash. Dose Rate 10ml powder per 100 litres of aquarium water = 3 dH increase in alkalinity. Discover other products in the range!

Coral Boost replaces 25 essential trace elements in marine aquariums, including molybdenum, cobalt, strontium, zinc and iron. This product helps to encourage macro-algae (seaweeds) and also contains magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Filter Media Bags

Marine Filter Media Bags. 3 x Fine mesh re-usable polyester filter bags. Ideal for housing a variety of filter media such as, Marine Supercarb or Phosphate Remover directly into a high flow area within a filtration system.

Phosphate Remover

Marine Phosphate Remover permanently removes phosphate to help prevent unwanted algae growth in marine aquariums. Best used in conjunction with NT Labs Marine Filter Media Bags, to be positioned in a high flow area within a filtration system.


Marine Supercarb is super active filter medium, it removes organic molecules, colour taint and significantly enhances water clarity in marine aquariums. Use to remove residues of treatments from water. Marine Supercarb is of the highest grade carbon for ultimate purity, it does not leach any phosphates or heavy metals and is suitable for the most sensitive reef aquariums. Place Supercarb directly into a high flow area within your filtration system for optimum results. 250g treats 800 litres of aquarium water.

Pro-f Ocean Food 55

Pro-f Ocean Food 55 is Reef Safe fish food, specifically formulated for captive marine fish species. Ocean Food 55 encourages a healthy metabolism, colour enhancement, reduces stress and maximises digestion by containing the highest quality ingredients and its optimal feed size. A slow-sinking granular food to promote rapid uptake for a variety of species throughout the water column, Ocean Food 55 is scientifically balanced to include all the essential nutrients required by omnivorous marine fish, including first class proteins, a variety of vitamins and minerals, colour-promoting carotenoids, and essential amino and fatty acids. Ocean Food 55 provides the best biological nutrition to minimise waste pollution in your marine system.

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