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Pro-f is a selection of probiotic and prebiotic high-specification foods to suit the dietary requirements of the various species kept in aquaria.

The Pro-f range of aquarium fish foods has been engineered over a number of years to an unrivalled specification. All of the foods in this range have been made using the highest quality ingredients along with the latest nutritional technology. From perfectly manicured aquascaped aquaria with ornamental shrimp and nano fish species, through to competition grade discus, all the fish you love to keep are catered for.

Tropical Fish Food has now been relaunched with a new look: Pro-f Probiotic Tropical. This food you know and love still contains probiotic bacteria ensuring your fish digest and absorb more of the nutrients, resulting in less waste and improved water quality. Probiotic Tropical is now joined by an additional seven foods including Shrimp Enhancer, Catfish Pellet, Cichlid Green 33, Cichlid Red 48, Discus Granule and Fancy Goldfish.

All foods have been carefully considered so that they are perfect for each group of fish. For example, Fancy Goldfish has been formulated to boost colour and to slowly sink in the aquarium which avoids surface feeding to prevent air intake which may cause buoyancy difficulties. Nano Tropical which is the smallest pellet available on the market at a tiny 0.8mm in diameter, making it ideal for nano species of fish including sparkling gouramis, galaxy rasboras, Siamese fighting fish and Endler guppies.

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